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  • Samsung sticks to US PC market with $249.99 Chromebook 2

    Samsung Electronics hopes its latest Chromebook 2 will reaffirm its commitment to PCs in the U.S., specially after a surprising decision last month to stop selling laptops in Europe.

  • Apple SIM has great potential, but widespread changes will take time

    New Apple iPads allow users to choose between data plans offered by different cellular carriers without having to obtain a separate SIM from each. But that's only the beginning as embedded SIMs like the new Apple SIM have the potential to change the way all devices connect to cellular networks.

  • New technique allows attackers to hide stealthy Android malware in images

    A new technique that allows attackers to hide encrypted malicious Android applications inside images could be used to evade detection by antivirus products and possibly Google Play's own malware scanner.

  • Why datacentres can be massive, but not gigantic

    The IT industry has long abused words, and will label almost any new product as innovative and disruptive. Data center developers, especially those who write the headlines about data centers, are particularly bad.

  • Alibaba partners with U.S.-based Quixey for mobile app search in China

    China's Alibaba Group has decided to power app searches for its mobile operating system using technology from U.S.-based Quixey, a company in which it invested.

  • Anonymous sharing app Whisper under a cloud over user location data

    Anonymous sharing app Whisper has come under a cloud after a newspaper report charged it with tracking the location of its users, including those who have asked not to be followed.

  • Twitter Audio Cards let you play tunes while browsing

    Twitter is adding "dockable" music players to its stream of messages, photos and videos with a new feature called Audio Cards.

  • Bigger screen size draws Beijing customers to Apple's iPhone 6

    Apple fans in Beijing lined up on Friday to get their hands on the company's newest iPhones, after waiting a month for the product to officially arrive in mainland China.

  • Security: Incident response is everything

    This year so far has had a number of information security incidents that have cost likely billions of dollars, and they've cost even more as damage to the reputations of some well-known businesses. US retailer Target, Home Depot, Apple, Sony, JP Morgan Chase, and the list goes on.

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    Australia backs copyright crackdown in TPP

    Leaked details of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) negotiations reveal that Australia is pushing an approach to copyright enforcement in the region that appears to ignore broader public interest concerns in favour of the supporting rights owners.

  • Hackers strike defence companies through real-time ad bidding

    A major change this year in how online advertisements are sold has been embraced by hackers, who are using advanced ad-targeting capabilities to precisely deliver malware.

  • Nine ASIO breaches of wiretapping laws reported in 2013-14

    ASIO breached laws governing telecommunications intercepts on nine occasions in the 12-month reporting period ended June 2014, according to a report released by the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS).

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    Twitpic really is shutting down after a failed acquisition

    What a tease. Image hosting company Twitpic will in fact shut down on Oct. 25, the firm said Thursday -- a surprising development after it previously said an acquisition would save it from death.

  • Drupal releases patch for severe SQL injection flaw

    Drupal has released a patch for a highly critical flaw in its content management system, which could allow rogue code to run.

  • In Pictures: The iPad Mini 3, iPad Air 2 and more

    Apple’s glossy new tablets were accompanied by new iMacs and OS X Yosemite.

  • In Pictures: 10 mirroring devices let you present without wires

    Wirelessly sending a presentation from your laptop or tablet to a large screen is a breeze with one of these mirroring devices.

  • In Pictures: Mars gets close encounter with a comet

    The Red Planet will entertain an uninvited guest this weekend in the form a comet moving at 200,000 km/h through its space in the universe. NASA, ESA will point the Mars spacecraft at streaking Sliding Spring comet.

  • Google misses forecasts, while cost per click also dips

    Google missed analyst forecasts for both earnings and income in the third quarter, while the amount it makes when users click on ads also dipped.

  • Chipmaker AMD will cut staff by 7 percent

    AMD's new chief is making her mark quickly: By the end of 2014, the chipmaker will cut worldwide headcount by about 7 percent in a restructuring plan it hopes will put it on the path to improved profits.

  • Apple's new iPads and Retina iMac: 'Empty calories' or nutritious adds to portfolio?

    Apple today unveiled the 9.7-in. iPad Air 2 and the smaller 7.9-in. iPad Mini 3, both revisions of their predecessors, with the new Mini getting the shortest shrift on stage time and changes.