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  • MPs split on 'opt out' eHealth records

    Members of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights (PJCHR) have been unable to agree on whether some measures contained in legislation revamping Australia’s national eHealth record were justified.

  • Toy maker VTech says breach hit 6.4 million kids' accounts

    Educational toy maker VTech said Wednesday that 11.6 million accounts were affected by a mid-November cyberattack, including those of 6.4 million kids

  • DARPA eyes faster design of military chips

    The U.S. military's research division has kicked off a project to accelerate its design of custom chips, so the latest semiconductor technologies can be used more quickly in defense applications.

  • Google accused of tracking school kids after it promised not to

    Google has been collecting information about schoolchildren's browsing habits despite signing a pledge saying it was committed to their privacy, the EFF said Tuesday.

  • HP exits low-cost tablet market in product shakeup

    HP is scrapping its low-end tablet lineup to focus on detachables, hybrids and business tablets.

  • Can computers write hit musicals? At this London theater, we'll soon find out

    Computers are increasingly pushing the bounds that have long separated them from humans, but so far their theatrical capabilities have remained largely untested. That may soon change, however, thanks to a new production slated to debut early next year at London's Arts Theatre.

  • Consumer SSDs and hard drive prices are nearing parity

    SSDs have seen four straight quarters of 10% or greater price drops, leading one analyst to predict that they will near price parity with hard drives in the next two years.

  • Cortana now gets business data from Microsoft's Power BI service

    Microsoft is bringing its Cortana virtual assistant deeper into the business world by combining its capabilities with those of Power BI, the company's business intelligence and analytics software.

  • Online shoppers hit Cyber Monday - hard

    Cyber Monday drew in record sales, with numbers jumping 17.8 percent over the same day last year, according to IBM Watson analytics.

  • Freescale's latest Internet of Things chip is as thin as a blade of grass

    Smart cards could get smarter and fitness bands more fit with a new chip from Freescale Semiconductor that's as thin as a blade of grass.

  • UK intelligence service GCHQ is on trial for hacking

    GCHQ, the British signals intelligence service, is in the dock accused of hacking computers without individual warrants in order to tap communications.

  • Govt should seek consistent driverless vehicle rules: Report

    A parliamentary committee has recommended that the federal government work to ensure the harmonisation “of emerging federal, state and territory legislation and regulations designed to deal with the arrival of autonomous vehicles and driving systems”.

  • Windows 10: Now on 148M PCs

    Windows 10 now powers approximately 148 million PCs, but signs of a slowdown in the number of users moving to the new OS are growing.

  • Warrant process for journalists’ ‘metadata’ scrutinised

    A parliamentary committee has sought answers on a regulation that covers the process by which law enforcement organisations will be able to access the so-called ‘metadata’ of a journalist when they seek to identify the source of a news report.

  • Verizon LTE now available for IoT devices

    Verizon on Tuesday announced U.S. availability of chipsets for Internet of Things devices that can connect to its LTE network.

  • Searchcode brings regex to code search

    The engine's developer wants to expand its language capabilities and double its index of repositories

  • Microsoft and HP reveal more details about Cloud partnership

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise has outlined new details about its hybrid cloud partnership with Microsoft, saying it will provide a new hardware product that integrates with the Azure Cloud platform and build its software to take advantage of Microsoft's offerings.

  • In your dreams: Nokia prices Ozo immersive video camera at $60,000

    Sixty thousand dollars, and the first quarter next year: those were the details missing at Nokia's July unveiling of the Ozo 360-degree video camera.

  • Nearly 370M IE users have just 6 weeks to upgrade

    Nearly 370 million Internet Explorer users have just six weeks to upgrade their browsers or switch to one from a Microsoft rival, new data showed today.

  • What will the NBN really cost?

    Cost is a central issue in the ongoing debate about the best approach to building Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN).

  • What does the consumerisation of IT mean for today’s businesses?

    What role has the consumerisation of IT played in the shifting role of enterprise IT and the rise of shadow IT?

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