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  • Microsoft releases big update to Windows 10 preview

    Microsoft today released the long-awaited consumer-centric preview of Windows 10, just two days after the company conducted a two-and-a-half-hour presentation that impressed analysts.

  • Microsoft touts $7-per-user monthly pricing for Windows subscription packages

    Ask any IT administrator about Microsoft's licensing setup and they'll hurl up a string of four-letter words that would incur an FCC fine if delivered on television. In a world where everyone wants to use everything -- especially Microsoft Office -- on tablets, phones, and oh yeah, computers, Microsoft's customary one-license-per-device model means death by a thousand cuts for most enterprises.

  • Microsoft: Windows 10, it's on us

    Microsoft yesterday said it would provide free Windows 10 upgrades to customers running either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on their PCs and tablets.

  • Satya Nadella: Articulating a vision for Windows 10

    During Wednesday morning's Windows 10 preview event in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft executives made their strongest pitch to date in favor of a somewhat different interpretation of cross-platform functionality than Windows 8 and 8.1 delivered.

  • Microsoft gets its Windows mojo back

    Microsoft has showed off more of its still-under-construction Windows 10, focusing on features like the voice-activated Cortana digital assistant and its "universal" app model that aims to put the same apps on PCs, tablets, smartphones and hybrid 2-in-1s.

  • Microsoft shows early, sketchy build of 'Spartan' browser

    Windows 10 will feature a new browser with a minimalist interface and a new rendering engine, but there is one thing it very prominently lacks: the name Internet Explorer.

  • Windows 10 to be free upgrade for many during its first year

    Four months after pitching Windows 10 to businesses, Microsoft is focusing on consumers at an event where CEO Satya Nadella and other officials are pledging that the new OS offers individuals significant advances over Windows 8, its problematic predecessor.

  • 3 things Microsoft has to prove at its Windows 10 event

    When Microsoft unveils the consumer editions of Windows 10 next week, key questions about the OS will be on the table.

  • What if Windows 10 fails?

    It has been 25 years since the potential market failure of a Microsoft operating system carried serious consequences outside the corporation's own campus. MS-DOS and Windows versions have failed to gain traction before and even been publicly lampooned. But in that quarter-century, Microsoft's dominance of the desktop has kept the platform afloat, even when consumers and businesses stalwartly refused to upgrade.

  • Google goes public with more Windows bugs

    Google has let fly two new disclosures of Windows vulnerabilities before Microsoft was able to patch them, marking the third and fourth times it's done so in the past 17 days.

  • Microsoft to webcast next week's Windows 10 keynote

    Microsoft today reminded Windows enthusiasts that it will live stream the keynote from next week's Windows 10 consumer-oriented event.

  • Microsoft patches Windows bugs that got under its skin

    Microsoft yesterday patched both Windows vulnerabilities that Google had taken public before the fixes were ready.

  • Microsoft to make the case for Windows 10 on both PCs and phones

    It has been Microsoft's goal ever since it dumped Windows Mobile: to deliver an operating system kernel that worked just as well on a handheld device as on a laptop. Back in 2008, that goal seemed rather ambitious. And as we saw with Windows 8, it's been something the company has never completely achieved.

  • Microsoft's Build conference registration starts Jan. 22

    Microsoft will open registration to its Build developers conference next week, the company said today.

  • Windows 7 hits mid-life, but no crisis -- yet

    Windows 7 will reach the midpoint of its support lifetime this week when it shifts from what Microsoft calls "mainstream" to "extended" support.