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  • Microsoft waives Windows 10 'branches' for now

    <a href="">Microsoft</a> will not begin using <a href="">Windows 10</a>'s multiple update tracks, called "branches" by the Redmond, Wash. firm, until later this year, analysts said, and in the interim will continue to push all updates to everyone at the same time.

  • Free Windows 10 upgrade will have 'no financial impact' on Microsoft

    When Microsoft announced that it would be offering consumers a free upgrade to Windows 10, it got a lot of people talking. After all, the company charged US$199 per license for consumers to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional just six years ago. So clearly, a free upgrade to a new OS would have to have a big impact on Microsoft's business, right?

  • Microsoft's rollout of Windows 10 gets B+ grade

    <a href="">Microsoft</a> has done a good job rolling out <a href="">Windows 10</a> in the first two weeks, analysts said today, and the general vibe for Windows 8's replacement has been positive, even though glitches have dampened some enthusiasm.

  • Apple updates Boot Camp to support Windows 10

    Apple has updated Boot Camp, its utility that allows Windows to run on a Mac, to support Windows 10, two weeks after Microsoft launched its latest OS.

  • Patch bundles are the new norm for Windows 10

    Microsoft yesterday showed how it will distribute security updates to Windows 10 as it packaged all those that apply to the new OS in a single download.

  • Windows 10's user share suggests 45M devices are running the new OS

    Microsoft's Windows 10 piled up user share, finishing last week with a record 3% of all Windows-powered devices, according to a U.S. analytics company.

  • Microsoft confirms Windows RT won't get new universal apps

    Next month, Microsoft will update Windows RT 8.1 to give users a handful of new features like improvements to the Start menu and lock screen on their devices. Some reports have claimed that the changes will make the tablet's interface more closely resemble Windows 10, even though it's still powered by Windows 8.1.

  • Windows 10 makes diagnostic data collection compulsory

    Microsoft has expanded its diagnostic data collection with Windows 10, making mandatory what had been a voluntary telemetry program.

  • Microsoft may accommodate North Korea's new time zone

    Windows may soon support the new time zone announced by the North Korean government on Friday.

  • Windows 10's usage share continues climb

    Microsoft's Windows 10's global usage share has quintupled since its July 29 launch, according to new data.

  • Microsoft issues first hefty Windows 10 update

    Microsoft today delivered the first large-sized update for Windows 10, a "servicing update" that weighed in at around a third of a gigabyte.

  • So long (Vista), it's been good to know you

    Windows Vista, the perception-plagued operating system Microsoft debuted to the general public in early 2007, has sunk to near insignificance, powering just two out of every 100 Windows personal computers, new data shows.

  • Bad vibe brews about Windows 10

    Windows 10's vibe on social media has soured since Microsoft launched the operating system last week, Adobe today said as it cited new data from its metrics platform.

  • Windows 10 commandeers users' upload bandwidth

    Microsoft will use its customers' upload bandwidth to deliver Windows 10's updates and apps with a peer-to-peer technology resembling BitTorrent, a fact that has caught some by surprise.

  • Windows 10's usage share jumps 4x in three days

    Microsoft's Windows 10 got off to a roaring start in its first few days, with its initial usage share handily trumping that of the firm's last free upgrade, Windows 8.1, data from a Web analytics vendor showed.