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  • Opinion: The Internet of Things, huge data, and Starbucks

    Gibbs ponders how a Starbucks coffee cup could become the greatest business edge

  • Google Wi-Fi snooping should serve as security wakeup call

    The continuing saga of Google's wireless snooping and the maelstrom it's generated won't end anytime soon.

  • Google Wi-Fi data snooping: An FAQ

    Google is cleaning up its mess after the company says it mistakenly collecting browsing data from unencrypted Wi-Fi networks as part of its Street View project.

  • What's next for Wi-Fi?

    The recent formal approval of the IEEE 802.11n wireless standard marks not the end but the start of a wave of Wi-Fi innovation. In the next three to five years, the Wi-Fi experience will be very different from today.

  • 802.11n set for final approval

    Sometime on Friday, at the sprawling Hyatt Regency hotel in New Brunswick, N.J., an IEEE group called the Standards Board is expected to approve the 802.11n wireless LAN standard.

  • The Wacky World of WiFi

    In honor of the 802.11n WiFi standard getting close to arriving after wandering through the desert for 40 years, let's look at wireless. Our focus today is on helping you WiFi better, even if it means doing less WiFi.

  • Secrets of the best enterprise Wi-Fi networks revealed

    A just released Aberdeen Group research report identifies the steps taken by best-in-class enterprise IT groups to create secure, pervasive, manageable, reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi networks.

  • ZiiLabs unveils Zii Egg, a Wi-Fi Android device

    Singapore-based ZiiLabs has unveiled a new mobile computer that's like an Android-based iPod Touch. It supports advanced 3D and outputs full high-definition video -- but it's currently available only to developers.

  • How much longer are you going to hang onto that Ethernet cable?

    As more enterprises deploy wall-to-wall Wi-Fi, they're finding end users voting with their network interface cards: given a choice, they go with wireless rather than wired access.

  • IT struggles to close the mobile phone gap

    For a concept that's remarkably easy to reduce to a sound bite, bridging the gap between mobile phones and enterprise networks ("fixed-mobile convergence") remains stubbornly hard to implement.

  • 20 crazy things people do to get Wi-Fi connections

    In their quest to get Wi-Fi Internet connectivity, people have done some pretty desperate things over the years.

  • Wi-Fi tweaks for speed freaks

    One thing you can depend on these days is that the claims made for wireless routers, like 300Mbit/sec. throughput and 1,000-foot range, are nothing more than digital pipe dreams. The plain and simple truth is that these speeds and distances just aren't going to happen in your home, office or any place on this planet.