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  • Martin Mercer to leave Optus for Melbourne IT CEO role

    Optus strategy and fixed managing director Martin Mercer has been confirmed as the new CEO of Melbourne IT (ASX: MLB). He will start at the online services company in April 2014.

  • Optus to move Unwired customers to 3G, 4G networks

    Optus will close the Unwired network on 28 February, an Optus spokesman confirmed. Optus plans to offer Unwired customers its 3G and 4G services instead, he said.

  • vividwireless ViViFi WiMAX modem review

    The first thing you notice about vividwireless' portable ViViFi modem is just how cute it is. I had to wrest the diminutive device away from the CIO editor, who was sitting at her cubicle caressing it and making vaguely Gollum-esque noises. The modem looks vaguely like an Oreo, if the biscuit parts were removed and if Oreos were square, made out of plastic and designed by Apple. So perhaps the best way to describe the modem is: It's not like an Oreo.

  • Telstra on track for 4G LTE in 2011

    Telstra has confirmed plans to leapfrog its competition are on track, with the commercial deployment of Long Term Evolutionary (LTE) technology into its wireless network by the year’s end.

  • Vividwireless joins TD-LTE Initiative

    Wireless broadband operator, Vividwireless, has joined the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI).