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  • H-1B employees crowd out other workers, says study

    The battle over the H-1B visa is mostly a battle of brute political muscle on Capitol Hill, coupled with campaign spending. But in the quieter academic sphere, the visa is a topic of ongoing research, and a new paper by three economists is challenging some of the <a href="">assertions made by the tech industry</a> that H-1B workers deliver economic gains.

  • CurrentC mobile pay to kick off in a single market mid-year

    Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), a group of large U.S. merchants, said Monday it expects to launch an early version of its CurrentC mobile payment app mid-year in an unnamed, mid-sized market.

  • Jawbone to have AmEx payments in future fitness band

    Fitness-band maker Jawbone and American Express plan to allow cardholders to buy goods using a future fitness band equipped with NFC, according to a report.

  • Confusion but hope as US faces payment revolution

    In just under six months, a behind-the-scenes switch in the payments industry will change the way U.S. consumers shop and could bring wider acceptance for Apple Pay and its competitors.

  • Apple in, AT&T out of The Dow

    Apple, whose <a href="">stock market value recently ballooned to more than $700 billion</a>, later this month will take AT&amp;T's place on the <a href="">Dow Jones Industrial Average</a>.

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