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    HFC NBN just fine for Telepresence: Cisco

    Cisco has endorsed using hybrid-fibre cable (HFC) as a more expedient way to connect 3 million homes to Australia’s National Broadband Network.

  • Cisco, Google make nice on videoconferencing

    Owners of Google Chromebooks will be able to quickly join Cisco Webex conferences with an application demonstrated for the first time today at Enterprise Connect.

  • Microsoft Lync to play nice with Cisco, Android

    Microsoft is accommodating Cisco conferencing systems and Android tablets to help make Microsoft Lync and Skype communications platforms able to connect any customers by voice, video, messaging and conferencing regardless of what device they use.

  • Telstra to hawk Blue Jeans videoconferencing

    Telstra will sell cloud-based video conferencing by Blue Jeans Network, the telco has announced.

  • Could Xbox One work for SMBs?

    A recent suggestion that the upcoming Microsoft Xbox One might have business uses appears unlikely to fly with most organisations, according to multiple industry analysts.

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