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News about universal service obligation (USO)
  • Vodafone CEO laments ‘missed opportunity’ to boost regional telco competition

    Vodafone’s chief executive, Iñaki Berroeta, has described the USO scheme, under which Telstra is subsidised to guarantee access to basic telecommunications in regional areas over the copper network, as “hugely inefficient” and “obsolete”.

  • Vodafone CEO repeats telco's call for USO overhaul

    Vodafone Australia CEO Iñaki Berroeta has reiterated the telco's call for a thoroughgoing overhaul of Australia's Universal Service Obligation scheme.

  • Give NBN more copper, says Optus

    Vodafone and Optus have called for a thoroughgoing overhaul of the Universal Service Obligation scheme, which is designed to make sure that all Australians have access to a 'standard telephone service' (STS).

  • TPG should pay rural levy for each FTTB service: NBN Co

    NBN Co has proposed that TPG and other infrastructure competitors cross-subsidise the rural National Broadband Network build when they cherry-pick high value customers in urban areas with fibre-to-the-basement.

  • Vodafone CEO urges regulators to rein in Telstra

    The NBN is not enough to level telecom competition in Australia, according to Vodafone Hutchison Australia CEO Bill Morrow. At an American Chamber of Commerce event today in Sydney, he called on government to support policies that scale back Telstra’s “regulatory favour.”