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  • The year TVs got much too complicated

    CES 2015 might go down as the moment when TVs became more complicated than they should be.

  • TV makers propose new connector for 8K video

    Televisions that can show pictures far superior to today's best high-definition video are making headlines and attracting crowds at this week's Consumer Electronics Show. When they come to market in the next few years, they will likely include a new connector as well -- and require a new set of cables.

  • Sony to launch razor-thin Android TV

    The battle for the bragging rights to the world's thinnest TV is always something that comes to the fore at the Consumer Electronics Show, and this year Sony says it has come away with winner with three big-screen sets that are as thin as a few coins.

  • Sharp expands 4K TV range, to offer 5K TV this year

    Sharp is quadrupling the number of Ultra HD television sets it sells, raising its bet that consumers will want the TVs despite the lack of a large amount of content.

  • LG's curvy GFlex 2 smartphone has the spirit of old-school flip phones

    LG's new GFlex 2 smartphone is built in the spirit of flip handsets, with curvy contours to make chatting on the phone more convenient.

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