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  • Expedia to buy Orbitz for $1.6 billion

    Cheaper air travel is making the world seem smaller -- and that's increasingly the case for the online booking market too, with Expedia planning to swallow up rival Orbitz Worldwide barely a month after buying the smaller Travelocity.

  • Uber rolls out safety features in its ride-hailing app across India

    Uber Technologies has started a pilot across Indian cities of new safety features for its ride-hailing app, but the new measures may cut no ice with regulators in Delhi where the service was banned.

  • Hundreds apply for FAA drone licenses

    The Federal Aviation Administration has issued eight more drone licenses, the latest approvals for several hundred applications it has received.

  • Last call for last-minute flight booking charges, EU court rules

    It's last call for last-minute flight booking charges in Europe: Websites must show the total price for a flight right from the outset, and not wait till the last screen before booking to display additional charges, the European Union's top court ruled on Thursday.

  • Amsterdam traffic controllers offer commuters personalized route advice

    Ever get stuck in your daily commute? That happens to people in Amsterdam too. But with a new smartphone app that provides free personal route advice based on the latest traffic conditions, Dutch commuters could soon be avoiding annoying traffic jams on their way home.

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