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  • Utility computing can ease big data pain

    Adopting cloud or utility computing models can ease the pain for organisations analysing large amounts unstructured and structured data to gain insights that improve their competitiveness.

  • Telstra, Optus and Suncorp eye geospatial data

    Big Australian telcos and insurance companies see business opportunities in analysing the location information transmitted by customers’ mobile devices, said speakers at yesterday's Big Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Summit.

  • Suncorp automates loan processing, goes paperless

    In order to remain competitive in the crowded arena of financial lending, Queensland-based firm Suncorp realised it needed a strategy to accelerate loan processing processes.

  • IIIS: Cloud brings stability to Suncorp IT

    A more stable IT environment, increased virtualisation and less human error are just some of the benefits Brisbane-based Suncorp Bank have achieved since commencing a major Cloud computing project in 2007.

  • Suncorp Bank offers online budgeting app

    Suncorp Bank’s Internet banking suite now has an integrated online financial management application that allows people to set budgets and monitor spending patterns.