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  • On the fly? Google is bringing the news to you

    Business travelers and other people on the fly will like Google's upgrade to the mobile version of its news site if they don't mind the omnipresent search engine knowing where they are.

  • iPhone 5 : last week's rumour round-up

    Here are the top iPhone 5 rumors for the week ending Friday, May 13: iPhone 5 "Lite," reading the meaning of iPhone 5 parts, speaking of voice recognition, and Thunderbolt I/O on the iPhone as a sign of the Apocalypse. You heard it all here second.

  • Microsoft, Nokia aim to nullify Apple trademark on App Store

    New partners Microsoft and Nokia have joined forces, hoping to invalidate Apple's trademark registration for the terms<strong> </strong>APP STORE and APPSTORE in Europe, according to a statement issued<strong> </strong>by Microsoft.

  • Apple sued again over iOS location and data sharing

    Apple is in the hot seat again in a new lawsuit that says iPad and iPhone user location data and other personal information is being shared with third-party advertisers. Apple is accused of aiding and abetting the "intentional taking and transmitting" of user data to third parties. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Puerto Rico, also names Pandora Media and The Weather Channel, but leaves the door open to name more defendants at a later date.

  • 35 per cent use mobile apps before getting out of bed

    Thirty-five percent of Android and iPhone owners in the U.S. use apps such as Facebook on their smartphone before even getting out of bed, according to a survey conducted by telecommunications equipment vendor Ericsson.</a>

  • Smartphones attract organized, international, profit-driven scammers

    The mobile computing technology explosion has brought out seriously organized, international and profit-driven cybercriminals.

  • Google I/O so far: Android, 'Chromebooks' and smarter cars

    Google's I/O developer conference, held 10-11 May in San Francisco, has already been the site of a swathe of announcements by the search giant and its partners.

  • Open-Xchange's new mobile client has offline access

    Open-source collaboration platform provider Open-Xchange has a released Mobile Web App, which gives smartphone users online and offline access to appointments, e-mails and contacts while on the road, the company said on Tuesday.

  • Acer, former CEO spar over declining fortunes

    Acer on Wednesday charged its former chief executive officer, Gianfranco Lanci, with performance issues, after he had criticized the company's resistance to globalization in interviews with the media.

  • Malware writers gunning for Google Android

    Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile platforms have been the proving ground for mobile malware over the past five years, but a new Juniper Networks report states that Google Android now takes "the crown" as the platform getting the most attention from malware developers.

  • Google: 100 million Android devices activated, 4.5 billion apps downloaded

    The Android mobile powerhouse is cruising to new heights with 100 million activated devices, 4.5 billion applications downloaded from the Android Market, and 450,000 developers building tools for Android phones and tablets, Google said Tuesday as it kicked off the fourth annual Google I/O developers conference.

  • Microsoft promises not to ditch Mac, iPhone, Android Skype users

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today promised that the company would continue to develop and support Skype on rival platforms.

  • Google Music takes on Apple iTunes, Amazon

    Google kicked off its annual Google I/O developers conference by giving people what they'd been speculating about for months - an online music service.

  • Google rolls out Android 3.1; next version will run on phones, tablets

    Google has touted Android's growth to 100 million smartphones and tablets, kicked off a rollout of Android 3.1 and gave developers a preview of the next major Android update called "Ice Cream Sandwich."

  • Senator: Google, Apple sending mixed signals on tracking

    Representatives of Apple and Google denied that they are collecting the personal information of owners of smartphones running their operating systems, but a U.S. senator questioned whether those denials were accurate during a hearing Tuesday.