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    Telstra's HTC HD7 pricing brings new caps

    After a week of dodging questions about the pricing of its new flagship smartphone, the HTC HD7, Telstra has announced it is available for $17 per month on a 24-month $59 plan.

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    Apple AirPlay headed for TV sets, Says report

    Apple's attempt to dominate the living room could stretch even further with the integration of AirPlay technology in HDTVs, according to a Bloomberg report. With AirPlay built into TV sets, users would be able to wirelessly stream content from an iPad, iPhone or Mac straight to the TV, without the need for a $99 Apple TV.

  • Demand for tablets, smartphones creates jobs in Taiwan

    Semiconductor companies in Taiwan plan to hire thousands of new employees on the island this year to meet the fast-growing global consumer demand for smartphones and tablet PCs.

  • Disco Messenger: Google's 'secret' iPhone texting app

    Google joins an growing number of companies offering group chat capabilities via text messaging on smartphones with the release of Disco Messenger.

  • Apple holding out on iOS 5 until fall?

    Apple watchers are buzzing about a possible iOS 5 launch this fall, suggesting the company will break from recent tradition and release the new mobile operating system software after its next iPhone.

  • Choosing the Right Mobile Tool For the Job

    If you were going on a vacation and you could only take one gadget, what would it be? How about if it's a business trip? Which is a better mobile computing device--a notebook? A netbook? A tablet? The thing is, not only is the choice for "best" a matter of subjective opinion, but the reality is that each mobile gadget fills a role and you have to select the tool that best fills the role you need it to in that scenario.

  • iOS and iPhone 5: What to expect

    With the iPad 2 out and in short supply, the rumor mill's attention is now shifting to what we could expect to see in the new iPhone and iOS 5, the next iteration of Apple's mobile OS. And while the new iPhone 5 is set to arrive some time this summer, a TechCrunch report suggests exciting developments for iOS are coming this fall too.

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    NetQin denies claims that it uploads malware with its antivirus software

    NetQin Mobile on Friday denied reports that claimed it had deliberately installed viruses on customers' mobile phones along with its antivirus software and then charged customers to remove the malware.

  • Trade commission revives Kodak complaint against Apple, RIM

    Apple received good and bad news from the U.S. International Trade Commission on Friday.

  • Samsung pursues enterprise users

    Looking to sell more phones and tablets to enterprises -- and get around Android's reputation as not yet enterprise-ready -- Samsung is developing its own software, helping customers build their own app stores and reworking its sales operation.

  • Sony Ericsson updates Xperia X10 to Android 2.3

    Sony Ericsson is planning to upgrade the Xperia X10 to Android 2.3 at the end of the second quarter or the beginning of the third quarter, the company said in a blog post on Friday.

  • Verizon Wireless rolls out data monitoring widget for mobile users

    Verizon Wireless CIO Ajay Waghray ORLANDO -- IT innovations at Verizon Wireless have been put to work behind recent online customer account management systems and upgrades to Verizon store kiosks, said Ajay Waghray, CIO at Verizon Wireless.

  • Microsoft extends system management to Apple, Android devices

    Microsoft is recognizing enterprise realities with its new accommodations for rivals' smartphones in an upcoming version of System Center Configuration Manager, an industry analyst said on Thursday.

  • Motorola investigates Atrix voice problems

    Motorola is investigating voice quality issues that some users of the Atrix -- the phone notable for its ability to dock with a laptop-like device -- are reporting.

  • Microsoft website helps users track Windows Phone update

    Microsoft has put up a website that allows owners of Windows Phone 7-based smartphones to find out when they will be offered the copy and paste update, the company said in a blog post on Wednesday.