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  • Understanding hacking tools — why the NSA leak is trouble for us all

    A storm has erupted over the theft and black-market sale of the US National Security Agency’s hacking tools. Edward Snowden revealed the widespread use of 'offensive security' tools in 2014. Since then, industry commentators have suggested that the tools and tactics used by the NSA may greatly harm Internet security.

  • IBM breaks silence over Census

    IBM has responded to the Census debacle after a conspicuous silence in the wake of Tuesday night’s website meltdown.

  • Turnbull takes aim at IBM, ABS over Census

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has shifted his tone on the Census debacle, with the PM telling a press conference that “which heads roll where and when” will be determined by the government review into the website meltdown that left most Australians unable to complete the Census.​

  • ‘Confluence of events’ led to Census failure

    In an at times bizarre press conference small business minister Michael McCormack has confirmed that a series of denial of service attacks targeted the Census 2016 website, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics eventually making the decision to pull it offline.

  • DoS attacks targeted Census, ABS says

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics has claimed that it took the Census system offline after was targeted by four denial of service attacks “of varying nature and severity​”.

  • CERT Australia begins expansion program

    Australia’s national Computer Emergency Response Team – CERT Australia – is seeking a significant boost to its headcount as the government moves to implement the elements of its national cyber security strategy.

  • NSW’s eVoting system under fire

    In the aftermath of the 2 July federal election, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and opposition leader Bill Shorten both indicated support for the potential use of eVoting to avoid drawn-out post-election ballot counting.

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