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  • IT professionals switching jobs for less money

    Almost one in 10 IT workers would be prepared to move to another job that pays less money. This is compared to about one in 20 a year ago, a strong sign that tech staff are increasingly unsatisfied, a national survey has found.

  • IT job market to slow next year

    There was a steady slide in IT recruitment in the fourth quarter of this year and the outlook for 2013 is no better, according to recruitment firm Ambition.

  • Skills shortage to drive salary growth in 2011: Recruiters

    IT employers in the public sector are set to face a challenging 2011 as skills shortages continue and the competition for staff increases among employments, say recruitment firms.

  • Project manager salaries still on the up: survey

    Pay rates for project managers have continued to rise and are higher than before the financial crisis, a new salary survey indicates.

  • Study: Tech's six-figure salaries are shrinking

    The salaries of IT managers are retreating, and most affected by the trend are managers running technology operations at mid-sized companies with less than $500 million in annual revenue, according to a semi-annual study from Janco Associates Inc.

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  • Largest retailer has world's most underpaid CIO

    I tend to equate the salaries of celebrity CIOs (an oxymoron, I know) with the compensation packages of today's professional athletes: They're all seemingly excessive and incomprehensible to most salt-of-the-earth people. HP CIO Randy Mott, for instance, took home more than US$28 million in compensation in 2008, while New York Yankees' slugger Alex Rodriguez earns $15,856 every time he sees a pitch, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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