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  • RoboBees to Save US Agriculture

    What man breaks, man can fix ... at least, that's what we like to think. Consider, for example, bees. Bees of all species are dying off in the US and Europe and over the last few years we've seen the commercial beekeeping industry decimated by a syndrome called colony collapse disorder (CCD).

  • UNSW gets robots ready for Robo soccer World Cup

    The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is hoping to do better than the Socceroos at their version of the FIFA World Cup, the RoboCup Championships.

  • 'Freeing' robots: From 3D mapping to autonomous systems

    There isn't a radio-control handset in sight as a nimble robot briskly weaves itself in and out of the confined tunnels of an underground mine. Powered by ultra-intelligent sensors, the robot intuitively moves and reacts to the changing conditions of the terrain, entering areas unfit for human testing.

  • In Pictures: Rise of humanoid robots

    From the new Bionic Man to robotic bartenders, machines are looking and acting more human that ever.

  • In Pictures: US military gets fired up over weaponised robots

    Check out photos of machine gun-shooting robots at Fort Benning, Georgia.

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