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  • BlackBerry warns of disastrous Q2

    BlackBerry shares plunged 20% late Friday afternoon as the company announced plans to fire 40% of its employees and eventually cut expenditures in half over the next nine months. The actions were in response to the company's warning of a collapse in second fiscal quarter earnings.

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    BlackBerry's bleak options: will suitors really pay for a wedding?

    As BlackBerry's board of directors formally begin exploring "strategic alternatives," they'll find their options limited, according to two IT sector analysts. All the likely alternatives call for a much diminished company, or broken up into some software assets and a brand value that's declining every day.

  • Startup uses new technology to out-Akamai Akamai

    Instart Logic is taking on the likes of Akamai and Amazon Cloudfront with a Web app-streaming service it says can cut in half the time it takes to load pages and applications to wireless devices.

  • Iowa State researchers discover possible route to terahertz storage speeds

    A team of Iowa State University researchers, working at the Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory, recently detailed a way to use ultra-short laser pulses and special materials to switch magnetism roughly 1,000 times faster than current-generation storage devices.

  • SIP trunking: The savings are there but the transition is complex

    The merits of SIP trunking have been talked about for years and now it looks like businesses are aggressively adopting the technology, lured by striking cost savings and the promise of new functionality that their old phone networks just couldn't support.

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