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News about quantum computing
  • Intel promises US$50m for quantum computing research

    Fully functional quantum computers are still a dozen years off, which is why Intel needs to invest in fundamental research now, according to CEO Brian Krzanich.

  • Pawsey rigs up petascale supercomputer

    The $80 million Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in Western Australia has completed the final upgrade of its ‘Magnus’ machine, which provides processing power in excess of a petaflop.

  • Scientists create mega quantum system cluster

    Scientists at three universities – including two in Australia – have created what they claim to be the world’s largest quantum circuit board, an essential component in high-powered laser light computers.

  • New research paves way for quantum super computers

    Australian quantum computing researchers have developed a new technique for reading the quantum spin of an atom, paving the way for immensely powerful computers connected by a super-fast quantum internet.

  • Scientists demonstrate key component of quantum machine

    Mass production of incredibly powerful quantum computers may be only 10 years away thanks to researchers at the University of New South Wales who have demonstrated a quantum bit based on the nucleus of a single atom in silicon.