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  • Website operators will have a hard time dealing with the Heartbleed vulnerability

    Website and server administrators will have to spend considerable time, effort and money to mitigate all the security risks associated with Heartbleed, one of the most severe vulnerabilities to endanger encrypted SSL communications in recent years.

  • Patch management flubs facilitate cybercrime

    Failures in patch management of vulnerable systems have been a key enabler of cybercrime, according to the conclusions reached in Solutionary's annual Global Threat Intelligence Report out today, saying it sees botnet attacks as the biggest single threat.

  • Microsoft Patch Tuesday rounds up IE flaws

    For this month's "Patch Tuesday" round of bug fixes, Microsoft has focused on correcting multiple vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer (IE), including one that is already being used in targeted attacks.

  • Patch Tuesday: Microsoft to address IE problems

    Microsoft is issuing five security bulletins this month, two of them critical and affecting all versions of Internet Explorer as well as all versions of Windows from XP to 8/8.1.

  • Target attack shows danger of remotely accessible HVAC systems

    The massive Target breach led to revelations that many companies use Internet-connected heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems without adequate security, giving hackers a potential gateway to key corporate systems.

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