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  • Electronic devices now allowed on takeoff, landing

    In welcome news for flyers who love their devices, no longer will work, movies or music be interrupted during takeoff and touch down.

  • Qantas automated call scam still dialling people

    An automated call scam that phones people up and claims that they have won a travel prize is still dialling people, five months after Qantas first alerted customers about it.

  • NBN Co an employer in demand

    NBN Co ranks number 8 in LinkedIn’s list of the most in demand employers across Australia, despite a recent management shakeup after the Coalition government took power.

  • The season of scams

    Scammers continue to be a thorn in the side for reputable businesses as company names or financial incentives are used to try and dupe customers. This has been the case for many Australian businesses lately, with customers still falling victim to these types of scams.

  • Qantas adds iPads to Hawaiian route

    Qantas has installed iPads on Boeing 767 flights from Sydney to Honolulu in Hawaii.