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  • How to use animation in PowerPoint

    When you think about animation, little dancing men pop-up in your head, but it is so much more than just that. We are talking about the incorporation of 3-D animation, sound and how the two works together.

  • How to embed video in PowerPoint

    You will find a lot of tips and hints on the internet, but for simple video embedding, the following steps will work just fine. PowerPoint can use a wide variety of video files including Flash, Windows Media Files (asf), Windows Video Files (avi), Microsoft Recorded TV Shows (dvr-ms), Movie Files (mpeg) and windows Media Video Files (wmv) among others.

  • How to convert PowerPoint to video

    The options available can become overbearing and confusing. The following description of how to convert your PowerPoint document to a video, is simple and also supplies you with a PowerPoint hosting service.

  • Best Microsoft PowerPoint Background Sites

    If you use PowerPoint on a regular basis, you will no doubt have been occasionally frustrated that the backgrounds available do not always match your products or presentation topic.

  • Best Microsoft PowerPoint Template Sites

    If you have already used most of the Microsoft PowerPoint templates and you’re looking for some new ones we've selected some of the best

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