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  • NTIA to push for drone privacy standards

    The U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration plans to host a series of meetings with interested people aimed at developing best practices for protecting privacy in the burgeoning aerial drone industry.

  • Researchers make a 3D-printed jet engine

    A group of researchers at an Australian university, along with its spinoff company, have used 3D printing to make two metal jet engines that, while only proof-of-concept designs, have all the working parts of a functioning gas turbine engine.

  • Google AI program masters classic Atari video games

    Scientists at Google have produced an artificial intelligence program that can ace classic Atari video games.

  • NASA delays spacewalk for added suit check

    NASA postponed a spacewalk on the International Space Station that had been slated for today because astronauts needed time to conduct further checks on the suits that will be used.

  • NASA preps space station to handle more space taxis

    On Friday, two astronauts will begin the first of a series of spacewalks designed to ready the International Space Station to handle a growing number of space taxis ferrying supplies and humans to the orbiter.

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