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  • Apple Watch apps Australian roundup

    The Apple Watch has officially begun shipping in Australia today and already there are a plethora of apps for the device. Here’s a roundup of some of the apps released or in development.

  • Will smart watches and glasses drive mobile payments?

    Banking and payments are making a play to be killer apps for wearable devices, offering the possibility of paying with a wristwatch or glancing at one’s budget through augmented-reality glasses.

  • Google Glass app tells you when you're broke

    Pocketbook is building a Google Glass app that will let users see if they can afford the goods or services they’re eyeing

  • Taiwanese payments scam affecting Australian consumers

    A Sydney-based financial planning startup is warning Australians to check their credit or debit card statements after reports that people had been charged by a Taiwanese company they had not dealt with.

  • Pocketbook wins $500,000 from VCs

    Australian venture capitalists have deposited $500,000 into Pocketbook, a Sydney finance management startup that has built the Australian equivalent of Mint.com.