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  • Government mulls expanded copyright safe harbour

    Draft amendments to Australian copyright law unveiled late last year by the government would expand the ‘safe harbour’ scheme that limits the liability of Internet service providers for copyright infringement.

  • Financial bind for Dallas Buyers Club rights holders

    Complying with a court order to lodge a $600,000 bond before contacting alleged pirates of the 2013 film Dallas Buyers Club would “significantly hinder the commercial activity” of Voltage Pictures, according to the film studio​.

  • Dallas Buyers Club downloaders safe for now

    The latest attempt by the rights holders of Dallas Buyers Club to obtain the details of alleged movie pirates has failed.

  • Fifield to oversee govt's anti-piracy efforts

    Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull's newly minted communications minister, senator Mitch Fifield, will oversee administration of Australia's copyright regime.

  • Should the copyright notice scheme to be scrapped?

    Electronic Frontiers Australia and Choice have called for the copyright notice scheme to be dumped. The scheme, which will take the form of an enforceable code for ISPs, was due to take effect at the start of this month.

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  • Gotcha! Pursuing software pirates

    You might not realize it, but two out of every 10 of your co-workers might be using pirated software, according to industry statistics. You might be, too, for that matter, particularly if you work in manufacturing or at a small or midsize company with 100 to 500 PCs. You just might not know it.