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    Why Apple needs a $US700 MacBook Air

    Apple has been able to maintain high prices and high margins for its computers even as competitors jumped into a pricing pit. But with computer sales drooping, Apple may use the opportunity to lower prices.

  • Apple's Mac ends up in tablet cannibal pot, too

    Tablet cannibals have taken as big a bite out of Mac growth as they have out of PCs in general, showing that Apple is not immune to the seismic shift it triggered with the iPad.

  • Intel trumpets Android+Windows as 'more choice'

    Intel confirmed that it will provide processors to personal computer and tablet makers that support both Windows 8.1 and Android, the two operating systems from fierce rivals Microsoft and Google.

  • Chromebooks' success punches Microsoft in the gut

    Chromebooks had a very good year, according to retailer Amazon.com and industry analysts. And that's bad news for Microsoft.

  • New tech device? Make the most of it

    If you got a new smartphone, tablet or computer for the holidays, these Computerworld stories can help you get acquainted with new OSes, find great apps and accessories, safely dispose of your old devices and more.

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