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  • 7 outsourcing nightmares -- and how to avoid them

    Poor communication, shortsighted contracts -- don't get derailed by an IT outsourcing agreement gone awry

  • How to manage outsourcers after the contract's ink is dry

    When the global trade association SEMI experienced a big revenue decline last year and had to cut staff, CIO Gil McInnes turned to outsourcing.

  • Outsourcing information security

    The need to keep information secure is not a recent development. To satisfy this need, most organisations construct a list of security requirements based on common sense. This has proven fairly effective with simple and well understood media such as pen and paper. As information management (and its security) has become more complex in nature, the likelihood of a gap in that common sense list of requirements has increased.

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    Outsourcing: Crippling Mistakes IT Departments Make

    Researchers at the University of Tennessee have studied a variety of outsourcing deals-from IT and back-office work to manufacturing and logistics-and identified the most common mistakes organizations make when partnering with an external provider.

  • IT Outsourcing: Legal Mistakes That Can Cost You Big

    Good legal counsel can be worth every penny when putting together an outsourcing deal. But those legal fees can add up quickly if you're not careful. Worse yet, some common mistakes customers make when working with an outsourcing attorney can prove costly not only during contracting and negotiations but over the life of the deal.

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