• Cyclone cuts through telecom networks in Queensland

    Australia’s telcos are busy restoring services following Tropical Cyclone Ita’s landing in Queensland over the weekend.

  • Defence extends Optus satellite contract

    The Department of Defence has extended its managed satellite services agreement with Optus for another four years, the telco announced this morning.

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    Optus must allow customers misled by ad to cancel service

    Optus customers who signed contracts after seeing a January ad comparing the sizes of the Optus and Telstra network should be allowed to cancel their contracts without penalty, the Supreme Court of Victoria has ruled.

  • ACMA issues Optus with formal warning following SurePage billing error

    Optus has been issued a formal warning by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for a software coding error that resulted in the telco overcharging approximately 237,500 postpaid mobile consumer and small business customers on its SurePage and SpinVox messaging services.

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    UPDATED: 4G in Australia: The state of the nation

    The top three Australian carriers are spending billions upgrading their networks to high-speed 4G LTE services. Customers are just starting to see the new plans and rollout is expected to intensify through the year and well into 2013.

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    Optus goes over the top with VoIP service

    Optus has launched an over-the-top VoIP application for wholesale customers.

  • Optus network sites hit 2.32Gbps in tests

    Optus this morning claimed it had achieved record speeds at two mobile network test sites. The telco said it managed to reach 2.32 gigabits second at the test sites — in St Marys in Sydney’s west and in the Newcastle suburb of Lambton in Newcastle.

  • Optus searches for new CEO

    Optus CEO Kevin Russell has resigned, with 31 March being his last day at the company, revealed the SingTel Group, which is the parent company of Australia’s number-two telco.

  • Court rules Optus coverage ad was misleading

    The Supreme Court of Victoria has ruled that Telstra was right to complain about an Optus ad that claimed the reach of the Optus network was nearly the same as the Telstra network.

  • Optus registers 26% jump in ICT revenue

    Optus Business revenue increased 2.4 per cent to $378 million in the December quarter despite declines in data and voice revenue, the telco reported today. The biggest increase was in ICT and managed services, with revenue jumping 26 per cent to $126 million.

  • Telstra, Optus report minor outages from Vic fires

    Telstra and Optus experienced some outages due to ongoing bushfires in Victoria, but Australia’s three big telcos say their networks are mostly standing up to the flames.

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    Telstra sues Optus over network size claims

    Telstra has taken Optus to court for allegedly exaggerating the coverage area of the Optus network in a TV ad.

  • Optus to take charge of NBN Co satellites

    NBN Co has awarded a five year contract to Optus to operate the two satellites that will deliver the Long Term Satellite Service for the National Broadband Network.

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    Optus completes five-year mobile site upgrade

    Optus on Thursday said it had completed its five-year national 3G network improvement program, upgrading more than 4400 mobile sites which it claimed provides better indoor coverage and call quality.

  • UGL taps Optus for mobility as it positions for Asian growth

    Optus Business has signed a $30 million, five-year contract with UGL for mobility and managed ICT services that will support the engineering and property services company’s expansion into Asia.

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