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  • Apple's new iMac is $200 cheaper -- and slower

    Apple today added a new entry-level iMac to its line, pricing it 15% lower than the previous cheapest model but dramatically scaling back the all-in-one's performance/

  • Surface Pro 3's 'tweener' screen is too small for a laptop, too big for a tablet

    Microsoft picked the wrong screen size for its new Surface Pro 3 if it really plans to push the hybrid device as a replacement for premium-priced notebooks, a retail analyst said.

  • Your turn, HTC: Why the M8 could be company's swan song

    The HTC One was one of the best-reviewed smartphones of 2013, garnering numerous accolades and winning a number of awards, including the MWC Smartphone of the Year. But it didn't really do much to raise the sinking trajectory of its manufacturer – who's now teetering on the brink of irrelevance.

  • Apple's Mac: the Post-PC PC?

    The Apple Mac, celebrating its 30th birthday Friday, January 24, is an anomaly wrapped in a paradox: the most successful personal computer ever with single-digit market share, from the company reinventing itself as the "post PC" leader, is likely to keep growing in the enterprise, even though Apple's whole approach is consumer focused.

  • iPhone, Samsung smartphone use by U.S. consumers jumps

    Apple's iPhone was used by 42% of all U.S. smartphone owners in the fourth quarter of 2013, up from 35% a year earlier, according to an NPD Group survey.

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