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  • Apple stores: For show or sales?

    Apple's decision to cater to Watch buyers with reservation-only sales and personalized in-store appointments worried one retail analyst, who wondered whether it signals a sea change in how the Cupertino, Calif. company leverages its nearly 450 outlets.

  • 'Bingbooks' need free Office to compete with Chromebooks

    Microsoft's strategy in giving away one-year Office 365 subscriptions to many of its tablet- and notebook-making partners is all about matching not just the price but also the functionality of Chromebooks and cheap Android tablets, an analyst said today.

  • Estimates peg Mac sales up 19 per cent to new record

    Apple sold a record 5.75 million Macs in the quarter that ended December 31, an increase of 19 per cent that beat the overall industry by a wide margin, according to IDC.

  • Black Friday deals reveal deep iPad discounts

    U.S. retailers will mark down Apple's iPad with steep discounts this Black Friday, according to store circulars and a retail analyst.

  • Apple's new iMac is $200 cheaper -- and slower

    Apple today added a new entry-level iMac to its line, pricing it 15% lower than the previous cheapest model but dramatically scaling back the all-in-one's performance/

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