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  • Harvey Norman nabs new white Nexus 4

    Harvey Norman will sell the new white Google Nexus 4 from next month, it was announced today.

  • Nexus 4 on sale again

    Google has again replenished stocks of its Nexus 4 smartphone in the Australian Play Store.

  • Google sells out of Nexus 4 stock again

    Google has exhausted stocks of its Nexus 4 smartphone in the Australian Play Store for a second time.

  • Hottest Android news and rumours for week ending January 18

    After a CES week during which the Android world was all a-twitter over a device that wasn't even revealed at the show, the previously hyperactive Galaxy S IV rumour mill has quieted down, mostly. It's likely to only be a momentary respite, however, as the device is heavily tipped to be released at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

  • Hottest Android news and rumours for the week ending November 30

    The most disturbing thing about online shopping, to me, has always been just how easy it is. A couple of clicks, a brief glance at a credit card number, and bang -- there's an order of chicken wings on the way to your door. It's too easy, frankly, as my bank account balance and expanding waistline can attest.

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