• Telcos seek to strengthen NBN Co wholesale restrictions

    Major telcos and Internet service providers including Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and iiNet have pushed for clarity on some aspects of NBN Co’s wholesale role and the tightening of restrictions that prevent the company rolling out the National Broadband Network from supplying services to end users.

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    NBN Co seeks ‘early resolution’ of TPG fibre threat

    The company in charge of rolling out and operating the National Broadband Network has called for a speedy resolution to the issue of infrastructure-based competition.

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    NBN Co hits 105Mbps in limited FTTN trial

    NBN Co achieved 105 megabits per second download speeds in a of test of fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) technology at a shop on the New South Wales Central Coast.

  • It's war: NBN Co responds to TPG's FTTB rollout

    NBN Co's new chief executive, Bill Morrow, has warned that buildings that sign up for TPG's new fibre-to-the-basement rollout run the risk of being stuck with a single retail service provider.

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    Execs out the door as Morrow begins NBN Co transformation

    The chief financial officer, chief technology officer and head of corporate and commercial are all leaving NBN Co, the company charged with rolling out the National Broadband Network.

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    NBN: Good-bye FTTP, we hardly knew ye

    The Coalition government today signed the death warrant for the roll out of a predominantly fibre-to-the-premises-based National Broadband Network.

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    Key challenges ahead for new NBN Co CEO

    Bill Morrow has formally taken the reins of NBN Co as the company undergoes a controversial transition to a multi-technology National Broadband Network.

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    NBN Co launches satellite subsidy scheme

    NBN Co will launch a subsidy scheme to enable the 9000-strong list of users waiting for a chance to receive Internet access through the National Broadband Network Interim Satellite Service to instead access commercial satellite services.

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    June court hearing set for Telstra, NBN Co dispute

    Telstra and NBN Co will argue contract terms before the NSW Supreme Court on 30 June, a directions hearing has decided.

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    Committee slams NBN strategic review; Coalition slams committee

    An interim report of the Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network issued yesterday has expressed "significant concerns with the accuracy and reliability" of the strategic review process that led to NBN Co adopting the multi-technology mix model for the network favoured by the Coalition.

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    NBN Co to bump satellite capacity, implement 'fair use' policy

    Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced that NBN Co will bump capacity on the Interim Satellite Service. "[A]t the cost of $18.4 million the NBN Co will upgrade the current capacity to all users on the satellite service by one third," the minister said in question time today.

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    FTTB: TPG puts case for competing with NBN infrastructure

    Internet service provider TPG has put the case for allowing it to build infrastructure that would compete with NBN Co in a submission to the NBN Panel of Experts — also known as the Vertigan review panel, after its chair Michael Vertigan.

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    Vodafone survey backs NBN mobile infrastructure

    Vodafone says a poll conducted by Empirica Research on behalf of the telco reflects popular support for using National Broadband Network infrastructure to boost mobile coverage in regional Australia.

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    NBN transit network hits terabit speeds in Toowoomba trial

    A trial conducted earlier this month by NBN Co and optical transmission equipment supplier Coriant reached speeds of 1 terabit per second over a 1066 kilometre loop of fibre in Toowoomba, Queensland. The trial on NBN Co’s transit network demonstrated a 35 per cent improvement in spectral efficiency, according to Coriant.

  • NBN Co chairman defends NBN reporting

    NBN Co chairman Dr Ziggy Switkowski has defended the organisation’s reporting of key rollout data for the national broadband network saying feedback from construction partners and analysts suggested it is “the best it’s ever been.”

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