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  • FTTN revenue begins to trickle in for NBN

    For the first time since the technology launched last year, NBN has recorded revenue from fibre to the node (FTTN). Albeit only a trickle, even by the standards of the still-under-construction National Broadband Network.

  • Competition concerns over Telstra role in NBN HFC rollout

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is concerned that Telstra may potentially have unfair advantages when it comes to selling services on the hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) portion of the National Broadband Network.

  • Telstra scores $1.6b NBN HFC contract

    Telstra has been awarded a mammoth NBN contract for work on the telco’s hybrid-fibre coaxial (HFC) network, which is being incorporated into the National Broadband Network.

  • NBN pushes ahead with price cuts

    NBN will push ahead with a discounting scheme for one of the major charges it levies on retail service providers (RSPs) that sell services over the National Broadband Network.

  • NBN to trial fibre to the pit technology

    NBN has announced plans for a three-month trial, starting next month, of fibre to the distribution point (FttDP) technology, a cheaper alternative to fibre to the premises, but one that it does not expect to be commercially available until at least 2017.

  • NBN revenue continues to climb, with fibre still key

    NBN’s revenue has continued to soar as the National Broadband Network rollout continues, but despite the pivot to a ‘multi-technology mix’ (MTM) after the 2013 election it has continued to be fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) connections that contribute the lion’s share.

  • Telstra warns of potential for NBN ‘mission creep’

    Telstra has indicated it is concerned about a government bill that would allow the communications minister to alter NBN’s line-of-business restrictions, which are intended to ensure it remains focussed on being open access, wholesale network​ provider.

  • Telstra to take charge of NBN’s HFC rollout

    Telstra and NBN are in the final throes of negotiations for a contract that will see the telco take charge of design and construction management for the majority of the National Broadband Network hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) rollout.

  • NBN boosts bush broadband

    NBN has boosted the baseline monthly data available to customers in regional and remote areas who will connect to the National Broadband Network via satellite.

  • NBN to ease capacity pricing burden for RSPs

    NBN is set to embark on a two-year trial that involves a series of scaled discounts to ease the capacity pricing burden on retail service providers (RSPs) that offer National Broadband Network services.

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