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  • NASA's not so keen to talk about quantum computer security

    When NASA showed off its D-Wave 2X quantum computer on Tuesday, engineers were keen to talk about the computer's capabilities but less so about security measures that might be in place to stop hackers.

  • NASA, Google reveal quantum computing leap

    The black box sitting at the heart of NASA's Advanced Supercomputing facility in Silicon Valley isn't much to look at. The size of a garden shed, it's smaller than a conventional supercomputer, but inside something quite impressive is happening.

  • NASA will launch a 4K TV channel later this year

    NASA plans to launch a 4K TV channel this fall and has already begun test broadcasts. The new channel, called NASA UHD, will broadcast 24 hours a day and be available free of commercials.

  • Start-up eyes mining asteroids for space colonies

    From a nondescript office on the edge of the Ames Research Park in Silicon Valley, Deep Space Industries is plotting a futuristic scheme to locate asteroids, check them out and then send in mining spacecraft to strip them of their minerals.

  • Drones get bad cell service, but an old ambulance will help

    In the race to get drones into the sky and zipping across cities delivering packages and snapping photos, cellular networks are quickly emerging as the preferred way of keeping them in touch with the ground.

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