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  • Record and Create Music With FL Studio

    FL Studio 9.1 is the latest version of the long-time sequencer and recording app formerly known as Fruity Loops. Despite a slightly non-standard user interface, FL Studio is one of the easier digital audio workstations to use--if you come from a step/pattern-based recording background.

  • iPad music production apps: Music meets multitouch

    Here's some great news for all your musicmakers out there who were able to defy the world economy and come out of it with a new Apple iPad.

  • 20 free ways to manage video, music, and photos

    No-cost utilities and services can help you find, organize, and wrangle your media files--or enjoy some great video online.

  • EBay defends online ticket resales

    EBay has defended its policies on the reselling of event tickets on its site following the mass posting of AC/DC tickets on its site just hours after the tickets went on sale, and promptly sold out, yesterday.