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  • Great customer experience is an elusive goal

    Every company says it wants to provide a top-notch customer experience; how many actually do is another matter.

  • AOL rolls out 'One' programmatic-advertising tool to rule them all

    Few would deny the life-simplifying appeal of a one-stop shopping experience, and that's just what AOL aims to offer brands in the world of programmatic advertising. The company's new One by AOL platform, unveiled on Tuesday, promises a consolidated and holistic view of brands' marketing expenditures and performance across all screens, including TV.

  • Salesforce revs up Pardot with two new B2B marketing-automation tools

    It's coming up on two years since Salesforce acquired Pardot, and on Thursday the company enriched its resulting Sales Cloud B2B marketing-automation product with two new key capabilities.

  • The FTC is worried about algorithmic transparency, and you should be too

    It's no secret that algorithms power much of the technology we interact with every day, whether it's to search for information on Google or to browse through a Facebook news feed. What's less widely known is that algorithms also play a role when we apply for a loan, for example, or receive a special marketing offer.

  • Oracle bolsters Marketing Cloud to show CMOs the big picture

    It's a common theme that spans functional areas within the organization: data remains stuck in silos, making it all but impossible for decision-makers to get a glimpse at the big picture. Zeroing in on marketers' experience of this problem, Oracle on Wednesday rolled out several enhancements to its Marketing Cloud designed to help companies develop a more holistic view of their customers.

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  • The Apple Leak: A Marketer's Magic Bullet

    This week the Wall Street Journal's AllThingsD got the biggest Apple scoop of the year-granted, the year just started.

  • Customers can gain from being a vendor reference

    No IT vendor's news announcement is truly complete without a couple of glowing quotes from customers; nor is any vendor conference really a success unless the company has lined up a few satisfied CIOs to talk up their strategy and products.

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