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  • Nearly 80 per cent of Macs will be able to run OS X Yosemite

    OS X Yosemite will run on about eight of every 10 Macs, a boon for customers who want to upgrade this fall, but also another proof point that "good enough" has contributed to the personal computer business's stagnation.

  • Why Apple needs a $US700 MacBook Air

    Apple has been able to maintain high prices and high margins for its computers even as competitors jumped into a pricing pit. But with computer sales drooping, Apple may use the opportunity to lower prices.

  • Apple's Mac ends up in tablet cannibal pot, too

    Tablet cannibals have taken as big a bite out of Mac growth as they have out of PCs in general, showing that Apple is not immune to the seismic shift it triggered with the iPad.

  • Roku beats Apple to the TV market

    While Apple has called its Apple TV set-top box a "hobby," rival Roku has teamed up with two manufacturers to build its popular video streaming service directly into TVs. Columnist Ryan Faas weighs in on the consequences.

  • OS X Mavericks: Different name, looks the same

    Apple's new desktop/laptop operating system, OS X Mavericks, looks and works a lot like its predecessor. But that doesn't mean Apple hasn't made it a better OS for users.