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    NTT Communications seeks to make a name for itself in Australia

    Japanese telco NTT Communications has lofty ambitions: it wants to be Australia’s top provider of network, cloud, data centre and other ICT services, according to a director with the company.

  • Fukushima Daiichi workers clear debris by remote control

    Remotely controlled construction machinery rolled into the site of the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant last week to help clear roads and passages of radioactive debris, the plant's operator said.

  • Supply restrictions as a result of Japan earthquake: IDC

    Australian and New Zealand CIOs can expect minor supply restrictions from Japanese technology brands as a result of the Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake, which hit north-eastern Japan on March 11, according to analyst, IDC.

  • Rolling blackouts, tsunami damage try Japanese companies

    A day after Japan's biggest earthquake ever caused widespread destruction and as-yet uncounted deaths, Japan's biggest electronics companies are trying to ensure that employees in disaster areas are safe and facilities remain intact.

  • Amazon launches second Cloud pad in Asia

    Australia has lost out to Tokyo, Japan in a bid to host data centres as infrastructure for Amazon.com’s Cloud-based Web services. However, data-heavy users of Linux instances are expected to be hit hardest by inflated prices of the new region.

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