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  • A good robot is hard to find -- or build

    In the first two days of the NASA robotics challenge, every team failed.

  • Why haven't robots yet changed the world?

    A well-known roboticist acknowledged Wednesday at an MIT symposium that robotics has yet to change the world.

  • US Army evaluates self-driving, machine gun-toting robots

    The US Army, looking to use more robots on the battlefield, this week is getting a peek at just how ready robots are to become trusted parts of the military.

  • Health care robot brings experts to bedside

    A health care robot developed by iRobot and InTouch Health allows doctors who may be thousands of miles away to interact with patients at their bedsides.

  • Cyborg plants render humans even more obsolete

    The cyborg plant is not a new concept. The robot plant replacement is even less new: You can buy one for a price of $4.19 from ThinkGeek, after all. But a team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich isn't interested in solar-powered plastic toys or surgically-altered self-lighting plants that hang on a wall (creepy!) -- they're giving plants the ability to feed, water, and sun themselves, by augmenting them with iRobot technology and wheels.

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