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  • iPhone case review: Leathery goodness

    Review: Three iPhone case makers sent me samples over the past month that all might appeal to the fashionista set, or really just anyone who wants to look good while texting, Web surfing or paying by phone.

  • Apple's Wi-Fi Assist iOS 9 feature subject of $5M lawsuit

    First the complaints about Apple's iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist feature came via the media and from customers over social media. Now a Florida couple who own iPhone 5S devices has taken the frustration to a new level and slapped Apple with a class-action lawsuit over the technology, which can jack up your cellular data usage if you don't know it's turned on.

  • Apple quickly replaces bungled iOS 8 update

    Apple yesterday released iOS 8.0.2, a replacement for the botched update that shipped the day before but crippled iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices by knocking them off their mobile carriers.

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  • Blame the cellphone: Injuries pile up, from cat bites to shocks to broken bones

    We’ve all become aware of the dangers that drivers preoccupied with their cellphones cause on the roads and most have also probably seen plenty of “pedtextrians” endangering themselves by paying way more attention to their phones than their surroundings. But phone-related injuries go way beyond these two scenarios – we’re talking everything from ringing phones that supposedly scare dogs and cats into biting people to people being really dumb (and gross) about where they stick their smartphones.

  • Cool Yule Tools for Work

    We offer up our humble list of products and technologies that may impress someone on your holiday gift list.