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  • App review: Foxtel Go for iPad

    Foxtel Go is a new app that allows current Foxtel subscribers to watch various live TV channels and selected catch up programs on an iPad. The app is free to use and provides excellent quality video streaming, though the range of programs and channels on offer can be limiting depending on your tastes.

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    Uni of WA launches iPad app for doctors

    The University of Western Australia has launched an iPad app that helps doctors correctly diagnose sick patients.

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    Law firm wades through Brisbane flood disaster thanks to iPhone app

    Despite her office being destroyed in the recent Brisbane floods, Amanda Given of Given Law was able to continue accessing her law firm's files through an iPhone application.

  • In pictures: 15 best iPad apps for newcomers

    Are you considering the iPad 2 as your first iPad? An iPad, unplugged, is a welcome contrast to the communications-driven iPhone. Take our tour of cool apps that take advantage of the iPad's leisurely user experience.

  • Top 15 essential iPad apps for work

    From Awesome Currency Calculator to iTranslate, here are 15 iPad apps that will help you do the job and make the process a bit more fun.

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