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  • What is home automation and how do I get started?

    From flicking a light switch to opening your garage door with a remote control, our homes have been automated for decades. The concept goes as far back as the 1934 World's Fair in Chicago where the "home of the future" was unveiled. In the last 80 years, however, the automated home has morphed into the smart home, courtesy of the Internet, sensors and connectivity. The modern automated home can do more than turn on our heating and our lights--it can actually think for us.

  • What can I do with home automation?

    Once reserved primarily for the wealthy due to its complexity and whole-home-or-nothing model, today home automation is more accessible, no matter what your budget. Instead of buying into a $50,000 whole-home system, you can build a smart home yourself piece-by-piece.

  • The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Monday, January 26

    Coinbase set to open first regulated Bitcoin exchange ... Malaysia Airlines suffers big hack ... Wikileaks says Google passed data to U.S. ... and more news

  • Facebook privacy class action suit to kick off in April

    An Austrian court has set a date for Facebook to face a class action complaint about its privacy policy from 25,000 of its users.

  • Coinbase set to launch licensed Bitcoin exchange in the US

    Bitcoin wallet provider Coinbase will launch the first U.S. licensed exchange for the digital currency on Monday, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

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