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  • IoT could help give your local area its own power grid

    The Internet of Things is mostly about achieving greater scale, but in the case of an upcoming demonstration project, it will show how electrical grids can work at a smaller scale.

  • Turnbull embraces the Internet of Things

    Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has thrown his support behind the Internet of Things (IoT), spruiking the potential of the technology to deliver huge efficiencies for cities and generate revenue.

  • Facebook extends Parse tools to the Internet of Things

    Facebook is extending its Parse developer tools to the Internet of Things, providing software and services for bringing connectivity to home appliances, fitness trackers and other objects.

  • Facebook extends Parse to build IoT apps

    Facebook is extending Parse, its suite of back-end software development tools, to create Internet of Things apps for items like smart home appliances and activity trackers.

  • Comms Alliance forms IoT think tank

    An Internet of Things think tank created by Communications Alliance will look for ways to create an ecosystem in Australia that promotes IoT and a digital world.

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