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  • ACMA wants to dump outdated spam code

    The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is seeking public comment on its proposal to deregister the long-standing and outdated Industry Spam Code of Practice.

  • Financial woes cause shut down of Internet Industry Association

    The Internet Industry Association will shut down, leaving the Communications Alliance to take responsibility for the collection of industry codes, such as the icode, that were developed and overseen by the industry body.

  • IIA seeks public comment on iCode

    The Internet Industry Association (IIA) is asking for public feedback on the iCode, a voluntary industry code used by Internet Service Providers to identify malware on customer computers.

  • Small businesses are falling behind in technology: Ita Buttrose

    Australian small businesses need to overcome their fears of being washed out by big companies and create a culture where they use technology to bring about change, Ita Buttrose said on Thursday night.

  • IIA hires Anne Hurley as interim CEO

    Former Communications Alliance chief executive, Anne Hurley, has stepped into an interim CEO role at the Internet Industry Association (IIA) following the resignation of Steve Burrell this month.