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  • Australian ISP stands up to filmmakers hunting pirates

    The producer of Oscar-winning film, Dallas Buyers Club, has taken its hunt for pirates of the film to Australia, after filing a barrage of antipiracy lawsuits in the US. But at least one Australian Internet service provider is pushing back out of concern that the movie producer aims to intimidate its customers into paying excessive damages.

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    iiNet back in court over P2P file sharing

    For the second time, Internet service provider iiNet has been dragged to court over the alleged copyright infringement of some of its customers.

  • Data retention: iiNet slams 'mass surveillance'

    Internet service provider iiNet has again condemned the government's proposed data retention scheme as "mass surveillance". In a response to a government consultation paper on the scheme, the ISP also takes issue with what it describes as ambiguity regarding the data that telcos would have to retain.

  • Copyright conflict: Who pays still a sticking point for rights holders, ISPs

    Who would pay for a regime that targets customers of Internet service providers accused of breaching copyright is still a point of contention between rights holders and ISPs, judging from a public forum hosted in Sydney last night by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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    iiNet hits back over copyright 'stand-over tactics'

    Internet service provider iiNet has hit out against what it describes as "stand-over tactics" by content industries and approaches to copyright enforcement that involve ISPs "threatening or disconnecting" customers.

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  • Video: FetchTV's user interface demoed

    iiNet chief technology officer, Greg Bader, recently showed off the user interface for the upcoming FetchTV Internet protocol television (IPTV) device, which the ISP will be offering outside of regular monthly data quotas.

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    Top posts on iiNet vs AFACT case: Part II

    Controversy over the ongoing iiNet vs AFACT case has once again sparked an influx of comments on online articles and forums. As the second week of the case draws to a close, we take a look at the top posts, many from people brave enough to predict a winner.