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  • This is what the new hybrid Cloud looks like

    The hybrid Cloud seems to be what everyone wants to get to. End users seem to like the idea of using a public Cloud, like Amazon Web Services for its large scale and low-cost. But they're not willing to put everything up in AWS's cloud, so there are on-premises Clouds for mission-critical and extra secure information.

  • Armed with new CEO, Joyent rolls out a private Cloud

    Last week was a big one for IaaS cloud provider Joyent - not only did the company pivot to offer a private cloud management software (previously it only offered public cloud services) but it also has cherry-picked a Cisco cloud executive to be the company's new CEO.

  • Fail fast to keep up: Microsoft

    On day one of TechEd, the Microsoft mantra was that failing fast is the best way to succeed.

  • Oxfam Australia to dump two data centres

    Oxfam Australia has started decommissioning one data centre and is set to move information from its remaining facility into a hybrid cloud over the next four years.

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    HP announces Cloud platform based on OpenStack

    HP executives have announced a cloud platform based on OpenStack amid a flurry of other cloud-related announcements at the HP World Tour in Beijing.

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