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  • Apple's CarPlay to spark mobile apps war in your car

    Apple's CarPlay user interface will not only add complexity to existing in-vehicle infotainment systems, it would virtually take away the keys from automakers who plan their own systems and interfaces.

  • Mirrorlink 1.1 protocol brings third-party apps to in-car screens

    Allowing drivers to access more mobile phone apps on a dashboard display while at the wheel sounds like a recipe for disaster -- but at Mobile World Congress members of the Car Connectivity Consortium showed how they plan to do this while limiting distractions with a technology called MirrorLink.

  • Car wars: Apple and Google vie for driver's seat in connected-car market

    Google has announced the formation of the Open Automotive Alliance, a coalition of automakers working to adapt the Android OS for in-car connectivity. If the name sounds familiar, it's because it's a variation of the Open Handset Alliance, which Google formed in 2007 alongside a more than a dozen other tech companies to develop open standards for mobile devices, which led to Android's eventual dominance of the mobile OS market.

  • Google, car companies to bring Android to cars

    Google has teamed up with several auto manufacturers on Monday with the goal of bringing Android to cars by the end of this year.

  • 3D printing could help take humans into deep space, NASA says

    NASA scientists plan to take 3D printers into space to enable astronauts to create tools, and even food, onboard the International Space Station and later on the moon or even Mars.