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  • IBM simulates 4.5% of the human brain; Skynet is next

    It's pretty well known at this point that computers are quickly catching up with humanity as far as brain power is concerned. Storage-wise, we've been long surpassed by machines, and powerfully fast computers can run circles around the human brain in solving complex equations. On the other hand, humanity wins in the brain's sheer computational power and energy efficiency.

  • Make sure all your Google Contacts sync to your iOS device

    My wife recently made the switch from a clunky old Android phone to a spiffy new iPhone 4S. When she asked if all her contacts could be moved from the former to the latter, I confidently replied, "Sure, no problem!" After all, Android phones sync with Google Contacts, and iTunes has the ability to do likewise. Easy-peasy, right?

  • Citrix: Virtual desktops about to become cheaper than physical ones

    Citrix claims it's driven down costs to the point that next year it will be cheaper to deploy virtual desktops than traditional desktops.

  • What to expect from IBM's on-deck CEO: Continuity, stability, charisma

    Virginia "Ginni" Rometty is set to succeed Sam Palmisano as CEO of IBM in January, and industry watchers expect a smooth, drama-free transition as the 30-year IBM veteran takes the reins. Rometty, 54, has played a critical role in shaping IBM strategy, and she's expected to stay the course she helped define.

  • Chicago-area school district gives free iPads to freshmen

    Freshmen in a Chicago-area school district now have a reason to be excited about coming to school: Free Apple iPads.

  • Why physical security matters, even in the cloud

    At the Business of Cloud Computing Conference, I caught a presentation by Marlin Pohlman, who noted that No. 3 on the Cloud Security Alliance 's "Top Threats to Cloud Computing" list is malicious insiders. This serves as a good reminder that old-fashioned physical security issues require a lot of attention when you're considering a cloud service provider.

  • Verizon kicks off online orders for Droid Razr on Thursday

    Online orders for the $299.99 Droid Razr will start at 8 a.m. ET on Thursday, and Verizon Wireless promised the devices ordered online will ship no later than Nov. 10.

  • Juniper adds OpenFlow to its routers, switches

    Juniper Networks this week said it is making the source code of its OpenFlow application accessible to developers of applications for its Junos networking operating system software.

  • RIM delays BlackBerry tablet OS to February 2012

    Last week at its BlackBerry DevCon conference, Research in Motion tried to excite developers about the forthcoming PlayBook OS 2.0 mobile operating system, to spur developers to create applications for RIM's BlackbBerry PlayBook tablet, released last spring to poor reviews and low sales. But yesterday, RIM said in a blog post that it was delaying the release of the PlayBook 2.0 OS "until we are confident we have fully met the expectations of our developers, enterprise customers, and users."

  • Citrix to unveil sub-$100 'system-on-a-chip'

    Citrix Wednesday is set to unveil a prototype sub-$100 system-on-a-chip with a so-called "zero client" at its Synergy conference in Barcelona.

  • New IBM CEO latest in changes at tech companies

    IBM's announcement Tuesday that company veteran Virginia Rometty will take over on Jan. 1 as president and CEO from Sam Palmisano is the latest in high-profile changes at the top in key technology companies, including Apple, Yahoo, and Hewlett-Packard.

  • How RIM's OS update can save the PlayBook

    When RIM released the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in April, the tech sphere was overwhelmingly unimpressed. The lack of native email didn't help.

  • IBM names Rometty to replace Palmisano as CEO

    IBM has elected Virginia Rometty as president and chief executive officer effective Jan. 1, replacing Sam Palmisano, who will retain the chairman's role.

  • John McCarthy, one of the fathers of AI, dies at 84

    John McCarthy , one of the grandfathers of artificial intelligence, died Sunday. He was 84.

  • JetBrains adds IDE for Apple iOS, Mac OS X development

    Jet Brains says it now enables developers to deliver Xcode-compliant projects to the Apple App Store without ruffling any feathers thanks to its AppCode IDE for Objective-C application development introduced Tuesday.