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  • Report: Nokia to offer Windows 8 tablet in June, executive says

    Nokia is planning to enter the tablet market, and will launch a product based on Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system, according to an executive.

  • B&N's Nook Tablet also ships early

    Barnes & Noble began selling its new 7-in. Nook Tablet for $249 on Wednesday, earlier than executives said it would appear.

  • Exascale computing seen in this decade

    SEATTLE -- There is almost an obsessive focus at the supercomputing conference here on reaching exascale computing, a level of computing power that is roughly 1,000 times more powerful than anything that is running today, in this decade.

  • First look: Oracle NoSQL Database

    For the last few years, the world of NoSQL databases has been filled with exciting new projects, ambitious claims, and plenty of chest beating. The hypesters said the new NoSQL software packages offered tremendous performance gains by tossing away all of the structure and paranoid triple-checking that database creators had lovingly added over the years. Reliability? It's overrated, said the new programmers who didn't run serious business applications for Wall Street banks but trafficked in trivial, forgettable data about people's lives. Tabular structure? It's too hidebound and limiting. If we ignore these things, our databases will be free and insanely fast.

  • Intel's 'Knights Corner' chip hits supercomputing speed

    SEATTLE -- Intel has produced a new chip that can operate at a sustained speed of one teraflop -- the type of supercomputing speed the U.S. government paid $55 million for 15 years ago. A teraflop is one trillion calculations per second.

  • HP unveils its first business ultrabook

    Hewlett-Packard introduced Wednesday its first business ultrabook, offering nine hours of battery life, a solid-state drive, and a security chip that protects data in email and information on the hard drive.

  • Apple names former Genentech chief as new chairman

    Arthur Levinson, former CEO of biotech company Genentech, is taking on the chairmanship of Apple's board, filling the role that Apple founder Steve Jobs vacated when he died last month.

  • Oz court to hear Samsung vs Apple iPhone 4S case in March

    Samsung will have to wait until March next year to see if its attempt to get sales of the iPhone 4S banned in Australia is successful.

  • iOS loses smartphone market share while Android surges ahead

    Android has surged ahead in the global smartphone market with more than half of all handsets sold worldwide in Q3 2011 running Google's mobile OS.

  • Western Digital unveils its first array

    Disk drive maker Western Digital (WD) today unveiled its first storage array, a small Intel D525 Dual Core Atom-based box running the Microsoft Storage Server 2008 Essentials operating system.

  • Intel to invest $US100 million in mobile software, services

    Intel will invest $US100 million in companies developing software and services for mobile device and PCs, a move to improve the chip maker's presence in the mobile device market.

  • Verizon to sell rugged Casio phone for $150

    Verizon Wireless announced a rugged Casio push-to-talk cell phone that will go on sale Nov. 23 for $149.99 after rebate.

  • Intel pushes 50-core chip, mulls exascale computing

    Intel is drumming up support for its latest 50-core Knights Corner and Xeon E5 server chips, which are key elements in the company's plans to scale performance while reducing power consumption moving toward an exascale supercomputer by 2018.

  • iOS, Android to get federal-strength authentication

    Good Technology and ActivIdentity today jointly announced an effort to bring federal-level authentication to Apple iOS devices, such as the iPad and iPhone, and Google Android devices. And Apperian released its Enterprise App Services Environment (EASE) product for Android devices, which lets businesses provision and manage apps, and manage content delivered to those apps. EASE can manage Android Market apps, in-house Android apps, and HTML5 apps, and also provides push notification and updates.

  • VMware and Google on an acquisition frenzy in 2011

    While the world has been distracted by HP's baffling $10.2 billion purchase of Autonomy and Microsoft's surprising $9 billion buy of Skype, EMC/VMware and Google have been snapping up dozens of software companies throughout 2011.