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  • How to make your company more sustainable through Green IT

    Being green can save you money. And IT can help you save energy while reducing your carbon footprint. Below are some ways you can help your company become more sustainable through Green IT.

  • Set up your printer to save ink and paper

    Whatever else you may do with your PC, it's likely that you print out at very least the odd letter, document or photograph. Papers and inks can be expensive, so printing wisely isn't just a matter of choosing the right printer for the job; you also need to ensure it's properly set up.

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  • Slideshow: Verb IT first with HP Performance Optimised Datacentre (POD)

    Sydney-based Verb IT is the first company in the Asia Pacific region to provision an HP Performance Optimised Datacentre (POD) next-generation data centre in a shipping container. The new Verb DC site where the POD is located is a standard industrial warehouse in Wyong on the NSW Central Coast (one hour north of Sydney). Verb DC is schedueld to go live in September after a 14-week project, including the POD delivery time. In what is being painted as a big win for the Central Coast IT industry, the new POD will provide computing services to local businesses and the world.

  • Space elevator: science fiction or global warming cure?

    Researchers gathered at the Space Elevator Conference on Thursday said that an elevator could make transportation to space so much more inexpensive than it is now, that companies could build large solar-power farms in space to provide energy for people on Earth. That could eliminate the need to burn fossil fuels and thus reduce global warming.

  • What role should IT play in reining in energy costs?

    IT buys the technology; facilities buys the energy. That's the way it's always been in corporate America. But that may be changing.

  • Companies are overstating green claims, consumers say

    Sixty-five percent of consumers think some companies overstate their green credentials to sell more products, according to research presented by industry organization Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) at the International Consumer Electronics Show on Tuesday.

  • Sun, wind, algae: Future data-center power sources?

    The potential for wind power in the upper Midwest United States has led some to dub the region the "Saudi Arabia of wind." But tapping that potential isn't easy. In particular, the difficulty of integrating wind power into utility companies' transmission grids is hampering adoption.