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  • IRS warns of downtime risk as Congress makes cuts

    Successive budget cuts by Congress are forcing the Internal Revenue Service to delay system modernization and improve its ability to prevent fraud.

  • Google teams up with PwC on military cloud bid

    Google is adding its muscle to PriceWaterhouseCoopers' bid to build a new cloud-based healthcare system for the military that would support its more than 9.7 million beneficiaries.

  • White House plans to leave IT in better shape than it found it

    WASHINGTON -- White House IT transitions have a checkered history. In 2001, some members of President Bill Clinton's outgoing staff pulled the letter "W" from dozens of keyboards in anticipation of the arrival of George W. Bush. At the end of Bush's two terms in 2009, departing White House staffers left the incoming administration of President Barack Obama with ancient desktops running floppy disk drives.

  • $1 spent on state government tech saves $3.50, study finds

    The federal and state governments, in political contests, are routinely accused of being too big and bloated. But a new study says that IT spending reduces state government expenditures, even as new technologies help expand the role of government.

  • Expected Defense chief, Ashton Carter, is a physicist who wants technological superiority

    Ashton Carter, now widely considered to be the next secretary of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), shares something with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. All four have a doctorate in physics.

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