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  • Here's a look at Walmart Pay in action

    On Thursday Walmart announced a payment system of its own that uses barcodes and it doesn't look too clumsy.

  • Moshtix unimpressed by Google Wallet, NFC

    Moshtix has held off supporting Google Wallet for mobile ticketing due to Android OS fragmentation and lack of customer demand, according to Moshtix technology director Bartek Marnane.

  • Verizon cites security issue for nixing Google Wallet

    On the surface, it looked like the kind of scenario that net neutrality advocates had long feared: a big incumbent carrier using its network to snuff out apps that compete with its own services. However, Verizon is insisting that this isn't the case.

  • Google's NFC-based Wallet a no go for Australia

    Google has refused to outline plans to extend its contactless payment trials outside of the United States, but has not ruled out the possibility of its move to Australia in future.