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  • In pictures: Google Maps for iOS

    Google has finally released its long-awaited Maps application for iOS.

  • 10 things you can track in real time with Google Maps

    Looking for an apartment to rent or wondering what the latest global health crisis is? Look no further than Google Maps. Many professional and part-time map addicts have created useful Google Maps mashups that show you (in real time, or at least in near-real time) the latest information for a variety of subjects, including the latest happenings on Twitter, news from the Associated Press, and even the most recently reported UFO sightings. Check out these ten Google Maps mashups to be in the know before anybody else.

  • Happy Birthday, Google! Five Reasons I Can't Live Without You

    Google turned 11 yesterday, and it's hard to believe Google is <i>only</i> 11. Long ago it became its own verb, replacing "to search for" with its ubiquitous moniker, and permanently etched itself into Internet culture. Now, with its many offshoots, Google is no longer just a quick and easy alternative to, say, Yahoo search or AOL Web crawling, but rather, an institution.

  • Gmail, Google Maps and Google Search: 19 cool tips

    You can bookmark a Gmail message, track stocks in Google's search box, quickly estimate a taxi ride's cost in Google Maps, and do much more. We tell you how.

  • Farming 2.0

    In this final part of Computerworld's series on technological innovations shaping Australian farming, the founding director of Efficient Farming sheds light on how the concept of building an online community for the farming community was born.