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  • Developing diversity: Will IT ever fix its gender problem?

    IT has a diversity problem. And despite being widely acknowledged for a long time, it's not going away in a hurry. Although it's hardly confined to gender, it is the startling gap between men and women in tech — in terms of representation, income and treatment — that has been best studied and documented.

  • Discrimination rife in Australian ICT industry

    Kaylene O'Brien, deputy chair of networking forum Vic ICT for Women, is one of many Australian ICT workers who have experienced gender discrimination.

  • Pay gap, lack of role models to blame for ICT gender imbalance: EOWA

    The pay gap between women and men in ICT and the lack of senior female role models are the main reasons why young women are not taking up a career in ICT, according to Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA).